Smart Security for Your Business

Smart Biz App monitoringAlliance Security offers a full suite of interactive commercial services tailored to support a wide range of small and medium sized businesses, from single properties to multi-location enterprises. Our full suite of services give you peace of mind knowing that your properties are protected and your businesses are running smoothly — no matter where you are.

Keep Your Business Secure and Connected

• Get professionally monitored security witha reliable, secure cellular connection
• Manage employee access across all your locations and know your businesses are safe
• Know your business is always secure, right from our mobile app

Connect Everything Together

• Reduce energy bills with smart automation
• Enhance your liability control with light schedules
• Control locks remotely for safety and peace of mind

Know What’s Happening, Instantly

• Get instant visual verification with Video Monitoring and Image Sensor
• View what’s happening at your property in real-time
• Receive awareness alerts to see if your business is opening or closing on time
smart security commercial services
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