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Your Peace of Mind is a Matter of Choice.

For over 20 years Alliance Security has been a leader in the security industry, expanding over the years to include commercial installation and video surveillance.

From small homes to custom homes, we work with the individual homeowner to customize a security system and or video surveillance solution that is suited for their needs and budgets.

Alliance has the experience and ability to secure small businesses and industrial facilities up to 250,000 sq feet.

We strive to offer you the best customer experience from sales, installation and customer service.
Alliance ensures 100% satisfaction.

Monitoring Your Peace of Mind
As with the most modern day electronic devices, alarm systems have evolved to the point where they are easy to use and highly reliable. A well-designed system can be used and understood by employees and family alike.
First, remain calm and simply enter your 4 digit code. Then call the monitoring station to advise them that you accidentally tripped your alarm. You will need to tell the monitoring station your account number and password.
The latest design in motion detectors allows for pet movement while providing security. They are designed specifically so that a pet under certain weight will not cause an alarm.
The system has a back-up battery located on the control panel. It automatically recharges itself once the power returns.
Typically it will take half a day to install depending on the size of the system.
Fire and /or smoke detection
Sump pump failure
High or Low Temperature
Flood Detection
Freezer Failure
Medical Emergencies
Carbon Monoxide
BBB Accredited Business Member CANASA

Central Monitoring Station and Alliance Security Alarm Monitoring for public & private clients.

When there is a burglar in your home, every second counts. And if a loved one is at home during a burglary or fire time is even more critical. When an emergency arises, your alarm system alerts our UL Listed monitoring stations, where a trained personnel determines the nature of the emergency and reacts immediately to protect your home and family. We’ll begin the procedure that sends help within seconds, reducing your risk and loss. When seconds count… Alliance is here for you.

For more information about Alliance Security Systems or to obtain or upgrade your alarm system call us today at 1-888-458-9181 Act Now. You never know what will happen tomorrow. Some things like your children’s safety are irreplaceable.

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